Photography Course Reviews

Natasha Mae E. Villena

Quezon City

I am thankful to have had this journey of diving into photography with The Photography Institute. As there are a lot of different sources and mediums where you can learn photography, the institute helped me build a strong foundation in regards to my knowledge of photography.

They tackle a lot of topics that will help you also grow as an artist. From the technicalities of the different equipment you can use, especially the camera, to developing, creating, and shooting in the different genres of photography and learning your genre and style, to post-processing, and to the business side.

My work and knowledge in photography wouldn’t improve without the lessons, guides, tips, and insights from the course, especially from my tutor, as they helped me grow and gain confidence as an artist and a photographer.

I love how the online course let me work at my own pace and how the assignments challenged me to be creative on my own, which inspired and motivated me to do better in my future work and push myself to go out of my box.

For me, The Photography Institute offers a great photography course for beginners, hobbyists, or those who want to start a journey to be a professional.


Ariadne Arlene S. Denzon

Cainta, Rizal

This course gave me a whole new perspective on photography.

I've loved photography for its artistry, and I really wanted to know more about the technical side of it, and this course gave me just that! More than all the technical stuff, what I loved about this course was how the author incorporated his experiences into the lessons. This gives students a much clearer look into photography and how it can be a career.

The lessons were very useful, and I love to see how I have improved. It also helped me become more critical in taking pictures and also looking at my old photos and seeing how I could improve them and what could've made them better.

Overall, if you're thinking of learning photography just for fun or if you want to make it a career, taking this course is a great head start. It does not only teach you about photography but also things you can apply anywhere.

Rhochelle Roguel

Indang Cavite

I'm so thankful that I discovered The Photography Institute!

It was impossible for me to study a different course again at any University since I have a time-consuming job and duties at home. The Photography Institute course is flexible and perfect for a hobbyist like me.

I learned a lot, especially in the technicalities involved in handling my camera manually, editing my photos, the equipment, the different fields of photography, how to handle the business side of photography as a professional, etc. The assignments after each module pushed me out of my shell. My tutor was very reliable in pointing out my mistakes and how I could improve.

This course is a stepping stone if you want to turn your photography hobby into a professional career!

Charles Brent G. Matta


The course really developed my confidence and knowledge with Photography and Image processing overall.

People might say that "you have YouTube videos and learn fast platforms" out there, but nothing really beats having your own instructor and in-depth knowledge about Photography. Yes, the course does take some of your time. But I think the real value of the course is how much knowledge you are gaining.

The best part is that you have total control of your time and when you want to finish the course. The best part about the course is the assignments. I know that extra work is the last thing we need these days. But the assignments made me understand a certain module and subject by practising the theory.

I had my doubts spending money on a course at first but, after reading the first module, I knew that I made the best decision.

Russell Ezra Jornacion Sabado

Antipolo City

Gaining my Diploma with The Photography Institute gives me hope to fulfill my dream of becoming a Professional Photographer.

Thanks to the tutors who shared their fantastic experiences and feedback and always helped me without any hesitation.

Thanks to The Photography Institute, they are awesome!

Bing Duay

Las Pinas

The internet has made learning photography less painful than it was years ago.

Resources abound, and some are relatively easy to acquire. However, I realized all these are just bits and pieces of the whole pie thrown to everyone and anyone willing to take a bite regardless of skill level. It was then that I started looking for a more structured way of learning photography. The Photography Institute has provided me with that.

Thru the Institute, I have acquired a strong foundation to help me grow and progress in my hobby. And for this, I am so grateful.

Iseth Manaseh B. Licayan

Calamba City, Laguna

Searching for a quality course is really difficult, especially in the Philippines. There are lots of photography courses, but it's not really worth of time and money. It took me a lot of weeks to find a photography course that I could enroll in. After a thorough search, I finally found a course with such a great outline of topics and exciting advanced modules and with great and professional tutors that really suit my standards and really caught my attention.

I decided to enroll even though I lacked knowledge on this site, and because it was my first time ever enrolling and interacting with different people online, I was hesitant maybe this site was not legitimate or a phishing site, but I really wanted to enroll so bad, so I took the risk. When I got enrolled, I was so happy; I immediately started my first module and knew it was worth it.

I'm very thankful I did find this course and give it a shot. I've learned so many important things throughout this course that you cannot find in just a regular google search. I was surprised, and it really put a huge smile on my face because I really did not expect to gain a deep understanding of photography. I thought it was just all about taking pictures, and that's it. I learned a lot of techniques and skills that you'd need in your journey as a photographer.

I wish I had seen this course earlier than when in college. I'm thankful for my tutors and student support assistants, who guided and corrected my mistakes and improved the way I captured images. As I complete the basic course, I am really looking forward to the advanced modules to further my knowledge and enhance my skills and abilities in the field of photography that I want to pursue.

And for all those people who are aspiring to become a professional photographer or just a hobbyist and have a doubt or looking for a quality course, this is definitely worth a shot.

Douglas Ng Swee Siong


This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone who likes to capture moments in their lives through a lens.

I like photography as a hobby, and even after searching for hours for more information on the internet about photography, I found there were no proper guidelines, and the information was very confusing. After I took up this course, I was suddenly back on track. Everything was covered comprehensively in this course.

My tutor was fast in response and very professional in his guidance. It was great to work with an industry professional.

Thank you, PI and all the staff who have helped me achieve my goals.

Muhammad Isa Bin Mohyi Hapipi


As I didn't have much time to sit down in a class to listen to lectures, this course really helped me out with that. In the beginning, I didn't think I could benefit much from an online course. But the interaction between the tutor and me really made a difference. It was easy to communicate with my tutor, not only module-related but photography as a whole.

My friends and family said they could really see me grow as a photographer since taking this course. I'm now thinking of how to market myself, rather than just taking photos.

For those of you who really love photography and want to learn more but have limited time, this course will work for you. Trust me; it did work for me. So go ahead, sign up, you will look at photography from a totally new angle, or should I say, you will look at the light in a new way. As they said, photography is painting with lights.

I would really like to thank everyone who made this course possible.

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